5 comments for “Current Studies

  1. Eaarnest Phillips
    2015-04-13 at 23:55

    Hello my brothers, and sister’s in the faith, am the manager of warriors for Christ, a Christian base sober living located at Imperial and Normandie in Los Angeles.I am looking for somewhere to fellowship with people that love Jesus and sharing the good news of the kingdom of almighty God

  2. jade javone bellamy
    2019-03-17 at 19:02

    Everyday the Word of God is active and alive in my life. Always. Love your group

  3. April Martucci
    2019-07-08 at 12:32

    Hi! Is this still going on? I would love to attend ..

    • 2019-07-08 at 16:08

      Due to lack of interest, it unfortunately is not. But if there is interest, we’d be willing to reconsider! 🙂

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